Airstream of Jacksonville - Airstream is Green By Being Silver

Tired of companies trumpeting their new-found green-ness? So is Airstream of Jacksonville!

Airstream is still taking the same environmentally friendly approach that has sustained them, and our planet, for nearly 80 years. Simply put, Airstream has been green as long as it has been silver.

Airstreams are designed to spend time on the road, not in the landfills. As such, nearly 70% of all Airstream trailers ever produced are still on the road! While other products are designed to wear out, Airstreams are designed to be handed down through the generations.

They also work with nature, not against it. Airstream's founder, Wally Byam, knew that a low profile and a rounded, slippery shape would make for better towing in every respect. As a result, Airstreams enjoy a 20% advantage in towing efficiency over standard "white box" trailers. And over the life of your Airstream, that's a lot of fuel saved.

And should your Airstream come to the end of its life after many decades of service, its primary components (aluminum, steel, and wood) are easily recycled.

So go ahead and enjoy your Airstream with a sense of global responsibility, and comfort in the fact that you are adventuring in one of the most environmentally friendly travel trailers in the world. And always remember that Airstreamers leave a place better than they found it. Silver is indeed Green.

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